Kerala – Paradise on Earth

The name Kerala evokes images of endless coconut groves and paddy fields. The soothing green sight of nature stretched out endlessly around you can calm your racing thoughts and pacify your mind. At any time of the year, the locales of Kerala can indeed be a feast to the eye. Monsoon is the time of fresh and thriving life everywhere in India and visiting Kerala during the rains can be a fascinating experience if you can stand the wetness and mists and flooded roads.

Why You Should Take a Monsoon Trip Onam Festival The monsoon season is the time of the biggest festival in Kerala, Onam. This festival is celebrated in many different ways across the state and it brings out the ethnic colors and culture of Kerala as no other time of the year does. A part of the Onam festivities are the many temple boat parades and the fascinating Snake Boat Races that are traditionally held around temples, most famously, the Ambalappuzha Krishna temple.

These can be quite exciting to witness, and planning your trip during the monsoon can help you do exactly that. Ayurvedic Vacations Monsoon is also considered to be the best time in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for the healing process, as it is believed that the rains that refresh the world can also rejuvenate the body and aid in various Ayurvedic therapies.

Kerala has a long tradition of Ayurvedic practices, and Ayurvedic health vacations are now becoming increasingly popular. This monsoon, give yourself a chance to freshen up your body, mind and soul, with a wonderful Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy at one of the prime locations in Kerala. What You Need to Watch Out For Kerala is an inviting place to visit, even during the monsoons, but you have to keep in mind that during the monsoon, Kerala is wet – in fact very wet.

The routes can get flooded; the roads can get muddy and slippery and develop huge pot holes. You will have to be traveling through heavy rains most of the time. Mists are another hazard during the rainy season and also, the many beautiful beaches in Kerala can be out of bounds during this stormy weather. Even if you just plan on visiting the temples, you will still have to brave the rains and winds. If you do not mind all these, you can go ahead and plan a trip to Kerala this monsoon.

Kerala can be a beautiful monsoon destination if you are ready to brave the occasional mists and muddy roads and other usual monsoon hazards. Gramam- The Village Fair in Kerala The Kerala Village Fair meticulously reconstructs the settings and atmosphere of a traditional Kerala village, including the houses. Even the ubiquitous Kerala Tea Stalls, called Chayakkada, are recreated here.

The tharavadu and Nalukettu houses, representative of the residences of the lower and upper classes of Kerala are put up here. The thatched houses and the mansions of timber are constructed with care, and are decorated exquisitely in traditional style. The mansions have massive pillars, open courtyards and corridors. Inside the houses, the ethnic crafts of Kerala are on display – woodwork, ethnic jewelry, jewel boxes, sandal wood carvings, paintings, musical instruments, furniture, swords and shields and more are on display. The outside of the houses are decorated with exquisite Pookkolams, the lovely traditional flower arrangements of Kerala.

The whole creation has an enchanting effect, transporting the visitors back to an era that appreciated beauty and elegance in every aspect of life. The Festival In the evening, cultural performances are held. Various dances like Kathakkali and Mohiniyattam and even other dance-forms from other states like Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam are performed here. Folk art forms like Pavakkoothu, Villupattu, Kakkarisi Natakam and the famous Panchavadyam of Kerala are performed. Kerala’s famous Martial Art forms like Kalaripayattu and Theyyam are other attractions. Besides the cultural feast, feasts that satisfy the tourist’s palate are also on offer here.

Various sumptuous delicacies of South India, a wide and varied choice that leaves the tourist confused as to what to choose and what to leave, are on display here. Some of the dishes include theeyal, meen moilee, malabar porotta, mutton biryani, fish stew drowned in coconut milk, avial, appam, idiappam, Vellappam and Kallappam. Visit the Kamalagramam, the special crafts and arts section, to view and buy the magnificent arts and crafts of Kerala. Here, you can even watch the artisans at work as they create their masterpieces. The Kerala Village Fair, called Gramam Fair, is held for a period of ten days every year in January. This festival is usually held at Kovalam Beach. This is one more reason to visit the ever enchanting Kerala, ‘God’s Own Country’.